The Friends of Osborne Library is available for all members and a series of informative talks are held during the course of the year. See the ‘Events Diary’ for full details and how to book.

History of Lacemaking – Thursday 9th March 2017
Members of the Friends of Osborne were given a superb presentation by fellow member Sarah Kurtul. The subject was the ‘History of Lacemaking’ with a special section on Island lacemaking which included information about Queen Victoria’s support of British lacemaking.

Sarah paints lace making bobbins and has been doing so for nearly thirty five years with customers all over the World.

Sarah brought with her examples of different types of lace, different types of bobbins and examples of her own work (which were beautiful and so finely decorated). The talk was so well attended it may be repeated later in the year.

The monies collected from attendance at this event were added towards the Friends project in restoring the Andromeda Fountain to working order.

If you would like to see examples of Sarah’s work she has a web page which you can visit and browse her gallery at


Isle of Wight Curiosities – Thursday 11th May 2017 
Members of the Friends of Osborne were given a highly interesting and entertaining talk by Mark Luis Earp. Mark provided a fascinating insight into many of the Islands weird and wonderful curiosities, many of which date from the Victorian era.


An Island Legacy – Thursday 15th June 2017 
In this superb presentation Ken Hicks compared the 19th Century Brannon engravings of Island scenes with modern day photographs. This provided members with a fascinating insight into the Island 200 years ago and, in many instances, very little has changed!


The Romanovs – Thursday 21st September 2017

Members received an extremely informative talk on The Romanovs at Osborne, their visits and objects by Curator Michael Hunter. Such was the demand for this library event, Michael agreed to deliver an afternoon and evening talk. A total of 37 people attended and £185 was raised.